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Administration of printing and Distribution Division express green printing of our country

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China Press and Publishing Journal by Yanjuan Hai 9:46 Oct17, 2011.

It was a whole year since General Administration of press and publication signed a" strategic cooperation agreement of green printing “ with the Ministry of environmental protection. This agreement signifies that China's green printing development strategy formally rolled out across the country. Carrying out a year later, how does the industry realize this green environmental protection printing construction project? Which is pushed by government, involved wide area, and systematic. In the promotion and implementation process, what difficulty and problem exist, how to solve? What is train of thought of development of Green printing henceforth ? In an interview with Cao Hongsui, deputy director of printing and publishing management division in General Administration of press and publication. Ask him to interprete these problems.

To plan strategic measures which was put forward actively by our country with International Perspective.

The implementation of green printing is strategic measures in promotion of sustained and healthy development of China printing industry and has a special significance for our country. Said by Cao Hongsui.  In the opened international environment of market economy, the development of our country is under controlled in many aspects. Some policies is put under stress from foreign countries. This problem is particularly obvious after joining WTO. compared with developed countries, developing countries in many aspects are relatively lag In the international economic situation. European and American developed countries set the threshold, developing countries passive change and accept. But different from other industries, China implement green printing strategic with active posture.

Cao Hongsui said, our country implement strategy of green printing on such a large scale, systematically, which is rare in the global printing industry. It’s breakthrough act for our country to change from passive to active, and conform actively with international. It is understood that green printing originated in western developed countries in late 80's. After more than 20 years of development, it has moved from concept of discussion stage into practical application stage. And it achieve great development and become maturer. In process of establishing our green printing standard our country also had reference to standard from Europe and the United States. However, there is no systematic national green standard specifically for the printing industry. It scattered in raw and auxiliary materials and related industries, such as forestry, the toy industry, chemical industry. Some printing industry standards for environmental protection is led by Industry Association which is independent standard for detailed industry. Such as Japan, “Japan CIO offset green standard service”, " green pressworks cognizance system" . In view of this, green printing construction projects by our country is more thoroughly. It’s driven by government and extend to enterprises and related to industry association and quality inspection institutions across the industry.

From a practical point of view, green printing is restriction measure adopted by developed western countries towards developing countries. According to Cao Hongsui, some of our enterprises has roughly same level of printing with developed countries. Exports are still mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, most enterprises are transfered from Hong Kong and Taiwan who brings the old customers. Their new market increase slowly. Many enterprises export setbacked by environmental protection threshold of Europe and the United States. Therefore, implementation of the green printing strategy actively in the domestic industry is also conducive to domestic enterprises" going out". 

Cao Hongsui points out, we perforative philosophy " people-oriented" in the implementation of entire process of green printing from beginning to end. On one hand, it concerned about health and safety of 4 million printing industry workers. On the other hand, the printing industry link to people's daily life closely. Everyone contact with large amounts of printing products every day. Especially the children contact publications, as well as food, medicine packaging etc. Therefore the implementation of green printing is to protect all the people. Meanwhile, the implementation of green printing can add technical content and improve product quality, as well as meet need of industrial structure adjustment of printing industry.

Few enterprise apply for certificate. Intended to subsidy certificated enterprise.

Implementation of green printing is a new thing in our country. There is few experience world wide. Up to August  2011, the number of enterprises who apply certification is more than 300. There are more than 6000 enterprises in publications printing field, only 5% of which apply for certification. Currently the quantity of accredited enterprise is a bit small.

Analyzed reason, Cao Hongsui appoint that, testing and certification process exposes there are series problems such as a lower overall quality of printing industry, qualification certification system of enterprise is not perfect, weak foundation and so on. Many printing companies lack hardware conditions and qualifications, so that certification consumes more time. In addition, according to requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection, testing agencies must have Chinese metric attestation ( CMA ) qualification. However, few inspection agencies has the qualification in printing industry, which can not meet certification need from enterprises. After active communication between Ministry of environmental protection and General Administration of press and publication, Testing center can also detect even without CMA certification.

Secondly, some enterprises has misunderstanding and lack of confidence towards implementation of green printing. It’s not a positive attitude towards implementation of green printing. They adopt waiting attitude towards usage of environmentally friendly materials and green printing technology. There are ideas that the implementation of green printing does not accord with Chinese printing industry practice. Someone believe that we has not reached the level of developed countries and the implementation of green printing is adverse to the development of printing industry. These ambiguous understanding bring little number of enterprises who apply for certification. And number of applied enterprise disproportionate total number of printing enterprises.

Thirdly, our publications printing enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, who has following problems, such as obsolete equipment, CTP plate is not used commonly, lack of funds, worry about cost in using environmentally friendly materials, such as inks, adhesives, etc. Some enterprises can only use PS edition. Some enterprises doubt green printing publications can not achieve full coverage in a short period of time. Besides, apply for certification arise fee, perhaps the loss outweighs the gain. Someone think certification fee is high. environmental protection logo certification costs is prescribed by the state. It’s charged according to enterprise size and numbers of workers. Certification agencies help enterprises to do the technical guidance, data preparation, according to a certain proportion of the costs of certification fees.

In order to solve these problems, to promote the smooth implementation of green printing, Cao Hongsui said the industry department in charge of planning decide to solve from two sides. One side is publication unit. To a large extent, whether printing enterprises especially textbooks printing enterprise implement green printing subject to publication unit. The relevant departments already communicated with press who publish primary and secondary school textbooks. Another side is use unit of textbook. According to contact with administrative departments of education and schools, we know they also believe that the green printing on Elementary and middle school is good for students' health. They support to the movement. General Administration of press and publication prepare to communicate with Ministry of Finance, advising some subsidies to certification enterprises to cover business costs aroused by implementation of green printing. Implementation of these policies will greatly motivate the enthusiasm of printing enterprises..

Put Primary and middle school teaching material as a prelude, gradually improve the intaglio and Bill Green Printing Standard.

China's" print 12th Five-Year development plan” proposed that the development of green printing is vigorously promoted and put primary and secondary school textbooks, the government procurement products and food packaging as the focus. To the end of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", to establish basic green printing system. According to the plan, China will implement green printing from primary and middle school textbooks field step by step.

Cao Hongsui said State and General Administration of press and publication Council will jointly issue a document, requesting green printing in primary and secondary school textbooks. General Administration of press and publication Council  will communicate with Ministry of Finance to issue a document to list certified enterprises into the government procurement list. The reason why green printing is first applied to primary and middle school teaching material. Is that the newly revised" Regulations on the administration of publication" list primary and secondary school textbooks as government procurement products. According to the" government procurement law", primary and secondary school textbooks must implement the government procurement, it must be a certified green printing enterprises to do the production process. It plan to achieve full coverage of green printing of textbooks for primary and secondary schools." In three years since the release date.

According to the current print mode, in the second half year, General Administration of press and publication Council also prepared to jointly issue green printing standard

with the Ministry of environmental protection towards gravure printing standard and bill. After the republication of Gravure printing standard, General Administration of press and publication Council will organize the gravure printing enterprise to learn standards, and actively promote the relevant enterprises to apply for certification.  It plan to enforce green standard in following fields, puffed food packaging printing, soft drinks packaging printing, pharmaceutical packaging printing.

After the promulgation of bill green printing standards, it plan to achieve our bill printing green full coverage based on conditions of  printed paper enterprises in all aspects are relatively good. At the same time, it to take some means to eliminate enterprises from the paper printing field, who can not be up to the standard.