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KDX, CHANGHONG, ORIENTAL VISON building the whole 3D Ecological Chain together, Glass-free 3D Mobile booking surpassed 100,000 sets within 3 hours.

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 On October 16, KDX, CHANGHONG and ORIENTAL VISON hold the joint conference ---
Leading The Future Vision in Hand, starting the comprehensive strategic cooperation, forging complete glass-free 3D ecological industry chain. Meanwhile, CHANGHONG introduced the industry’s first batch of smart glass-free HD 3D TV CHiQ Q2ND and glass-free 3D smart phone X1,which is based on KDX advanced glass-free 3D TS and ORIENTAL VISION content platform. On the first day of launching, X1 smart phone bookings surpassed 100 thousand, really shocked the glass-free 3D product market. 
Win-Win Cooperation  Glass-free 3D Time is coming
Deputy director HONGBING PENG from MIIT Electronic Information Department, division head HAIYAN ZHOU from MIIT Audio-Visual Products Section, general manager TIBIN LIU of CHANGHONG, chairman YU ZHONG of KDX, general manager of NBC East Network (Beijing)CO.,LTD, deputy chairman YUGUO GONG from ORIENTAL VISION , general manager YINGCHUN JIANG from Poly Cultural Group, CEO SHU XU from KDX, vice general manager DEXUAN GUO from CHANGHONG Company,  president  XIN MI from ORIENTAL VISION Tech. (Beijing) CO.,LTD, secretary general BIN TANG of 3D Industry Association, president XINSEN CHENG from CGP Chinese Headquarter, vice secretary general RENBO LU from CECC, president JIANPING WEN from AVC, and many Industry experts and scholars, cooperation partners, end-users, investors, reporters, like famous cultural industry investor/268cultural industry base founder President SHUYANG ZHENG etc. More than 300 people present and together witnessed this new coming era of Glass-free 3D.   

Even before the conference start, everyone is curious and racing to experience glass-free 3D.  

On stage, conventioneers experience 3D smart phone with great interest. 

Guests experience smart HD 3D TV
A beautiful lady is totally absorbed in the fantastic vision in front of glass-free 3D touch screen. 
At the beginning, KDX Chairman Mr. YU ZHONG present the press conference.
At site, Chairman YU ZHONG introduced the most advanced glass-free 3D products for MIIT Electronic Information Department Deputy director HONGBING PENG with the company of CHANGHONG general manager TIBIN LIU and KDX CEO Mrs. SHU XU. 

Conference is a success, products are very popular.

Deputy director HONGBING PENG is satisfied for the productive strategic cooperation, and wish KDX, CHANGHONG and ORIENTAL VISION can continue joint together promote the rapid development of glass-free 3D market, and make glass-free 3D can soon service life better.

KDX Chairman Mr. YU ZHONG introduced 3D technology development and its 176 years history, point out the deficiency of traditional 3D technology and industry and indicates that the glass-free 3D is our future. This joint strategic cooperation between KDX, CHANGHONG and ORIENTAL VISION is significant in the history of 3D development. 
As glass-free 3D tech. world leader, KDX devote to build a complete industry ecology platform of glass-free 3D, and will work with world first class manufacturers, push the glass-free 3D tech. to the world.   

CHANGHONG general manager TIBIN LIU said that glasses always will be users’ pain points, glass-free must be the solution and will direct our future mainstream display technology. Industry display technology constant iterative motivated this joint strategic cooperation between CHANGHONG, KDX and ORIENTAL VISION today.
Deputy chairman YUGUO GONG of ORIENTAL VISON indicates that traditional usage scenario can’t satisfy experiencer, one of the most important factor is insufficient 3D content. ORIENTAL VISION bind the content ecology operation well with products innovation for improving 3D user experience satisfactory.
AS glass-free 3D tech. leader, KDX has accumulated rich glass-free 3D tech. experience and achievements, possess more than 800 core patents and a number of 3D technology including optical design, General column mirror technology, Steering column mirror technology, 3D Para laminating technology, human eye tracking etc.

KDX CEO introduced glass-free 3D technology development and KDX smart HD glass-free 3D TS.  Only with top TS, world class display terminal manufacture platform and rich 3D content, users can experience the wonderful of glass-free 3D.
In the conference, ORIENTAL VISION general manager Mr. XIN MI represent the meaning and function of 3D content platform can be to the whole glass-free 3D industry.  ORIENTAL VISION can provide 3D content, 3D applying and 3D customizing, With millions of hours video content, thousands hours content updates each month. Next year, KDX will provide 100,000 hours interesting and user-friendly 3D content, 

Then, KDX,CHANGHONG and ORIENTAL VISION and MIIT leaders officially start the three strategic cooperation, glass-free 3D ecology chain shall see another important development. This cooperation covers tech. , products and content etc. Critical basics. Glass-free development core is ecology chain. 2015, KDX and industry made great efforts, so that 3D market developed fast. April 2015, CHANGHONG and KDX together take the lead in launching smart HD 3D smart phone. May 25, KDX launched the world premiere of its smart HD glass-free 3D full range of TS and announced the launch of its K3DX brand, many well-known machine manufacturers including CHANGHONG, LENOVO,  HUAWEI, ZHONGXING etc. Take part in K3DX. Later on, LENOVO, NBC Eastnetwork, PPTV etc. Have been issued glass-free 3D products which cause strong reaction in the market. Today, the three strategic cooperation forebodes that a new glass-free 3D booming market.

Last, KDX chairman Mr. YU ZHONG and board secretary KAI ZHONG communicate with investors and reporters. 
New glass-free3D smart phone booking surpassed 100,000 within 3 hours
At site, CHANGHONG launched its smart HD glass-free 3D mobile phone X1 and TV CHiQ Q2ND. CHANGHONG issued X1 in its official website ( from Oct. 16 to Oct. 20 , on Oct. 16, more than 100,00 booking in the first three hours, which is a great success and beginning. 
CHANGHONG X1 use KDX HD glass-free 3D technology and Cylindrical perspective 3D display technology, which make X1 can display vivid 3D images without wearing 3D glass. Meanwhile, X1 support human eye tracking, adjustable depth and 3D photograph etc. fantastic functions. More, this smart HD glass-free 3D technology can perfectly compatible with 2D without extra power consumption. 

Besides, CHANGHONG X1 carry 64 bit CPU(MT6735 SERIES),6.0 inch FHD resolution screen, and 2G +32G RAM, Andriod5.1 operating system, 130,000 thousand pixel, support Mobile and Unicom  double 4G. The point is, X1 support 2A fast charging 4250mAh  polymer batteries, achieve super-long standby. 
Under the trend of intelligent, CHANGHONG mobile phone has been committed to intelligent coordination; X1, based on CHANGHONG intelligent home IPP protocol, plays a critical role in the intelligent home system. CHANGHONG X1 have Highly interactive features and advantages with appliance, X1 have built in multi-control function, mobile phone and STB become one, once connect with TV, the phone will operate as STB, instantly make your TV intelligent.
As to the price, CHANGHONG X1 issuing price is RMB1999, but you will get a special price of RMB1616 if you book in CHANGHONG official website from Oct. 16 to Oct. 20.

CHANGHONG general manager YUANBING CHENG announced the launch of CHANGHONG mobile phone new brand --- CHANGHONG x1 smart HD glass-free 3D mobile phone.

Beautiful young models show you extreme visual beauty of CHANGHONG X1

On OCT. 16, CHANGHONG launched the newest intelligent HD 3D TV CHiQ Q2ND.