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Beyond the dreams fly in the sky KDX group work plan meeting in 2016

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 KDX Group year’s award meeting in 2015 and work plan in 2016 was hold in Zhangjiagang 
during 31st Jan 2016 to 2nd Feb. 2016. Chairman of KDX group Mr. Zhong Yu, CEO Ms. Xu Shu 
and staff from different branch total around 400 persons attend the meeting. 
it is concluded the work in 2015 and make work plan in 2016。
CEO of KDX Ms. Xu Shu make a report 
CEO Ms. Xu Shu explain the work plan in 2016
During the 3 hours report, CEO Ms. Xu Shu concluded the work in 2015, explain the details 
of work under the guiding principle "new engine, new models, new patterns, new development" 
take "catch up, cross-border, beyond" the three key words as the main target, base on own 
advantages, actively layout, bravely expand, Lay a solid foundation for the company to 
build a world-class eco platform based on polymer materials.
Through integration of global technology and capital, KDX worked in naked eye 3D display, 
content, application, created the first Internet-based 3D ecosystem, became the global 
leader. At the same time, KDX work on hardware manufacture and information Economy, turn to 
information economy and service operations. Beside the leader optical material and thermal 
lamination material, KDX also invest in flexible material. In addition, through the 
integration of global resources, KDX have establish an ecosystem of new energy automotive 
through carbon fiber.
Currently KDX has established new materials, new energy vehicles, new display three major 
business segments. The new display segment not only include the naked eye 3D and large 
touch-screen system, but also include VR / AR, holographic technology, flexible display 
For 2016, KDX proposed new development strategy "new materials industry, the whole big 
ecological", to seize the opportunity, ecological management, global innovation and 
mechanisms change. KDX will integrate global resources, grasp innovative of Internet 
platform, connect R & D and end users, build a world-class eco platform based on advanced 
polymer materials
After that,senior manager share the experience and make plan for 2016. 
Mr. Kong dagang General Manager of KDX thermal lamination industry shares the market and 
experience of 3D  
Mr. Dong Xusheng General Manager of KDX strategic investment make report of conclusion of 
strategic investment
Mr. Zhang Biao Vice President of 3D Smart Display makes a report 

Mr. Li Yu Vice President of optical industry makes a report 
Mr. Sun Yuan Vice President of 3D Smart Display makes a report

Ms. Li Wei HR Manager of KDX Group shares the experience 
Mr. Zhou Chen Vice President of optical industry makes a report 
Mr. Zhang Shuangwen GM of Large touch-screen Department shares the experience 
Mr. Xu Tao shares experience
Finally, Chairman of KDX Mr. Zhong Yu 
Finally, Mr. Zhong Yu delivered an important speech.
KDX Chairman Mr. Zhong Yu makes important instruction
From breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, to overturn the traditional vision, and 
then to overturn the traditional economic model to build ecological platform based on 
advanced polymer materials. The history of KDX development is to create miracle one by one. 
Facing the future, Mr. Zhong said KDX will always has innovation and humility, works hard. 
focuses on core advantage of  the whole industry and builds business ecosystem. Only 
ecological management can make KDX develop in long term.
During the meeting, the company's outstanding performance in 2015, the innovative projects, 
advanced teams and individuals were commended.

Chairman Mr. Zhong Yu and Awards Winner

CEO Ms. Xu Shu and Awards Winner

Advanced individual and team winners receive the award
At last, KDX high-level Management under the leadership of Zhongyu, and Xu Shu send New 
Year wishes to all.
Zhongyu, Xu Shu and Management send New Year wishes
New Year Dinner at KDX Family
On 31th January, 2016, KDX hold New Year gathering. Staff from different branch get 
together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Chairman Mr. Zhong Yu makes the New Year’s Toast 

Chairman Mr. Zhong Yu sing a Song
CEO Ms. Xu Shu sing song
Mr. Zhong and Ms. Xu are singing
Mr. Zhong and Ms. Xu are dancing
Dimenco General Manager Mr. Maarten makes toast 

In 2016, KDX will made more brilliant achievements in the realization of its purpose